Believe it or not our country has always had division.  Our country was created because of division.  Our forefathers did not agree with what was being offered them, and they decided they were not going to take it any longer.  Division by nature is destructive, but division can also create great things.  Every day people leave their jobs to start their own business and create something better then where they came from.  The same could be said for churches.  Whether that split results in something better is not always the case but the idea is there.

So let’s talk about the Oscars.  The Oscars was the single biggest display of anti-white propaganda that I have seen in a long time.  Look, I am not white, so this is not a defensive rant, simply an observational one.  I thought the Oscars were a drastic over correction based on the “too white” comments the previous awards show received.  Here’s what makes me the saddest though, it’s not that it happens, its that there is no room for white people to speak up and defend themselves when it does.  If they say anything they get called racists and bigots.  When latinos and blacks and muslims speak up its called civil rights, and they are labeled brave heroes.  I do not understand the contradiction of wanting equality, but not when it comes to white people having any… isn’t that racist in and of itself.

I believe God created us all in His image and we all possess attributes that reflect Him.  In as much we all have equal value and worth in His eyes.  I am on board with that and want to see everybody in that same way.  So the answer of equality is not simply to continue to elevate or put down any given race that’s ahead at the time so that we are all equal on the graph.   I think that is a foolish way to handle it.  But it seems to be the case, and unfortunately celebrated.  So where does that leave us?


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