Hi there, I am Laura.

I worked hard to become what I am today,  my last name… Gonzalez, was like a weight on me my whole life growing up in America.  My parents became citizens in the United States a while before I was born here.   Don’t let me give you the wrong impression.  I am eternally grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to me and the benefits I receive simply because I live in this country.  Though I don’t want you to think I am simply leaning on a crutch the truth is that though I am grateful for what I have received, I honestly believe my climb in life has been more difficult due to my last name.

Throughout this blog I will examine from my perspective the poilitics of today’s climate, as well as the current economy.


America is a melting pot, each race, culture, and people group with a rich heritage.  All of us with a history we can be proud of.  History has put us where we are today and yet is so easy to forget.  The faster the world seems to turn the more we are willing to forget.  Think of the younger generation that we have right now.  They have zero concept that just 40 years ago we America had separate drinking fountains for different races,  I am glad that is not even a thought in the younger ones today but I feel it would be such a shame for that to be forgotten.  We must embrace our heritage and our collective history and understand how it affects us currently as well as our future.