This November will be an important one.  I feel more than most election years.  Our country is in a bad place right now, if you can’t see that then I am sorry.  Jobs have not recovered, our debt has increased, the middle class is worse off then ever before, and our status amongst the rest of the world is laughable at best.  I don’t think that’s the ideal country that our forefathers had in mind nearly 300 years ago.  The future of our nation feels more volatile than normal, and who’s hands it is in at this point is truly pivotal.

This brings me to the Trump meister…..  All joking aside does Trump really have what it takes to lead America right now?  I remember everyone laughing when Schwarzenegger ran for Governor.  People laughed at him as well, but he still won the vote, twice.  And it doesn’t seem like he was a failure.  Arnold is a really smart guy.  Donald is a really smart guy.  Everyone would have to admit that his business prowess is second to none, and his ability to speak and command a room is certainly present.  So what is it that truly disqualifies him in people minds?  His hair?  The fact that he never has been a politician prior?  So what?  Politician suck IMO.  Look, I’m not sure who I am going to vote for or not, but I don’t want people to hate on someone just for the sake of hating on them.  Give everyone a fair shake.  I will say that at first glance I am drawn toward trump more than any of the other republicans.

Let me also clarify this to all you Republicans out there.  The same ones that let Obama back in to office last term.  Voting is simple mathematics.  It is the same case this election as it was the last.  The republicans cam out in strong numbers having a chance to get the office due to Obama’s ratings being down.  But they flubbed it up by not all voting for Romney.  If every republican that voted did so for Romney, he would have won.  The problem is this, by the time November comes around there will most likely only be Hillary Clinton left on the Dems side.  So every Dem will vote for her,  they are a much more unified party than the republicans.  Right now the Republican party is so divided that no one would beat Hillary simply because everyone is all over the place with who they like.  So just assume for the sake of example that the election was decided by 200 people, 100 democrats and 100 republicans.  So Hillary would receive between 90-100 votes from the Dems right?  The problem is this, Trump (assuming hes the main one left) only receives 50 votes because you still have dumb republicans that don’t understand how to win and want to stand on principle so Cruz gets 25 votes, Rubio gets 20 and even though he’s already out of the race, Rand Paul still rakes in 5 votes.  The result: Hillary wins.  Why? Because Republicans are stupid voters and don’t understand that if we don’t all vote for the frontrunner, for the popular one, then you might as well vote for Hillary.  If the scenario remains true, then the GOP must understand that every person that does not vote for Trump, might as well vote for Hillary, because that’s essentially what they are doing.