In light of the coming election and all the talk about “the Wall”, you know the one that will be built along the Mexico border to keep all us horrible Mexicans out of America?

I jest slightly because I know my people (latinos) do offer quite a bit to this country.  Now whether they are all here legally or not is another story.  But here’s the cold hard truth.  All of you who are reading this in a house, whether its an inexpensive one or a million dollar house, are living in a place built by a mexican.  More than likely 50% to 75% of those mexicans are not here legally.  But you didn’t complain about that when you were getting the affordable labor that went in to building your home, did you?

There is no doubt that along with mexicans in America comes affordable labor.  The quality of that labor, eh, you get what you pay for most of the time.  But making blanket statements like if there were less Mexicans then there would be more jobs for Americans…. not necessarily true.  You see I don’t remember “drywall hanger” and “house framer” and “painter” being viable options on career day at school.  That’s not to say that “americans” can’t or wouldn’t be good at those jobs, but no one is aspiring to do those jobs.  Latinos work hard for their families because they know what the cost is if they don’t.  And if that’s as high as their dreams go then so be it.  But americans tend to believe that section of the workforce is below them.  Yes there will always be plenty of people of going in to the construction field.  But these will not be men and women who feel like they are accomplishing their dreams, they will be settling.  So I ask this question: “as an employer which would you rather have…. a worker who is grateful for the opportunity and understands he loses everything if he fails, or the one who thinks the work is beneath him and he deserves more (the american dream) and has to fight to get out of bed every morning to show up.