The Wall

In light of the coming election and all the talk about “the Wall”, you know the one that will be built along the Mexico border to keep all us horrible Mexicans out of America?

I jest slightly because I know my people (latinos) do offer quite a bit to this country.  Now whether they are all here legally or not is another story.  But here’s the cold hard truth.  All of you who are reading this in a house, whether its an inexpensive one or a million dollar house, are living in a place built by a mexican.  More than likely 50% to 75% of those mexicans are not here legally.  But you didn’t complain about that when you were getting the affordable labor that went in to building your home, did you?

There is no doubt that along with mexicans in America comes affordable labor.  The quality of that labor, eh, you get what you pay for most of the time.  But making blanket statements like if there were less Mexicans then there would be more jobs for Americans…. not necessarily true.  You see I don’t remember “drywall hanger” and “house framer” and “painter” being viable options on career day at school.  That’s not to say that “americans” can’t or wouldn’t be good at those jobs, but no one is aspiring to do those jobs.  Latinos work hard for their families because they know what the cost is if they don’t.  And if that’s as high as their dreams go then so be it.  But americans tend to believe that section of the workforce is below them.  Yes there will always be plenty of people of going in to the construction field.  But these will not be men and women who feel like they are accomplishing their dreams, they will be settling.  So I ask this question: “as an employer which would you rather have…. a worker who is grateful for the opportunity and understands he loses everything if he fails, or the one who thinks the work is beneath him and he deserves more (the american dream) and has to fight to get out of bed every morning to show up.

The upcoming election

This November will be an important one.  I feel more than most election years.  Our country is in a bad place right now, if you can’t see that then I am sorry.  Jobs have not recovered, our debt has increased, the middle class is worse off then ever before, and our status amongst the rest of the world is laughable at best.  I don’t think that’s the ideal country that our forefathers had in mind nearly 300 years ago.  The future of our nation feels more volatile than normal, and who’s hands it is in at this point is truly pivotal.

This brings me to the Trump meister…..  All joking aside does Trump really have what it takes to lead America right now?  I remember everyone laughing when Schwarzenegger ran for Governor.  People laughed at him as well, but he still won the vote, twice.  And it doesn’t seem like he was a failure.  Arnold is a really smart guy.  Donald is a really smart guy.  Everyone would have to admit that his business prowess is second to none, and his ability to speak and command a room is certainly present.  So what is it that truly disqualifies him in people minds?  His hair?  The fact that he never has been a politician prior?  So what?  Politician suck IMO.  Look, I’m not sure who I am going to vote for or not, but I don’t want people to hate on someone just for the sake of hating on them.  Give everyone a fair shake.  I will say that at first glance I am drawn toward trump more than any of the other republicans.

Let me also clarify this to all you Republicans out there.  The same ones that let Obama back in to office last term.  Voting is simple mathematics.  It is the same case this election as it was the last.  The republicans cam out in strong numbers having a chance to get the office due to Obama’s ratings being down.  But they flubbed it up by not all voting for Romney.  If every republican that voted did so for Romney, he would have won.  The problem is this, by the time November comes around there will most likely only be Hillary Clinton left on the Dems side.  So every Dem will vote for her,  they are a much more unified party than the republicans.  Right now the Republican party is so divided that no one would beat Hillary simply because everyone is all over the place with who they like.  So just assume for the sake of example that the election was decided by 200 people, 100 democrats and 100 republicans.  So Hillary would receive between 90-100 votes from the Dems right?  The problem is this, Trump (assuming hes the main one left) only receives 50 votes because you still have dumb republicans that don’t understand how to win and want to stand on principle so Cruz gets 25 votes, Rubio gets 20 and even though he’s already out of the race, Rand Paul still rakes in 5 votes.  The result: Hillary wins.  Why? Because Republicans are stupid voters and don’t understand that if we don’t all vote for the frontrunner, for the popular one, then you might as well vote for Hillary.  If the scenario remains true, then the GOP must understand that every person that does not vote for Trump, might as well vote for Hillary, because that’s essentially what they are doing.


Believe it or not our country has always had division.  Our country was created because of division.  Our forefathers did not agree with what was being offered them, and they decided they were not going to take it any longer.  Division by nature is destructive, but division can also create great things.  Every day people leave their jobs to start their own business and create something better then where they came from.  The same could be said for churches.  Whether that split results in something better is not always the case but the idea is there.

So let’s talk about the Oscars.  The Oscars was the single biggest display of anti-white propaganda that I have seen in a long time.  Look, I am not white, so this is not a defensive rant, simply an observational one.  I thought the Oscars were a drastic over correction based on the “too white” comments the previous awards show received.  Here’s what makes me the saddest though, it’s not that it happens, its that there is no room for white people to speak up and defend themselves when it does.  If they say anything they get called racists and bigots.  When latinos and blacks and muslims speak up its called civil rights, and they are labeled brave heroes.  I do not understand the contradiction of wanting equality, but not when it comes to white people having any… isn’t that racist in and of itself.

I believe God created us all in His image and we all possess attributes that reflect Him.  In as much we all have equal value and worth in His eyes.  I am on board with that and want to see everybody in that same way.  So the answer of equality is not simply to continue to elevate or put down any given race that’s ahead at the time so that we are all equal on the graph.   I think that is a foolish way to handle it.  But it seems to be the case, and unfortunately celebrated.  So where does that leave us?


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Rich Heritage

Hi there, I am Laura.

I worked hard to become what I am today,  my last name… Gonzalez, was like a weight on me my whole life growing up in America.  My parents became citizens in the United States a while before I was born here.   Don’t let me give you the wrong impression.  I am eternally grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to me and the benefits I receive simply because I live in this country.  Though I don’t want you to think I am simply leaning on a crutch the truth is that though I am grateful for what I have received, I honestly believe my climb in life has been more difficult due to my last name.

Throughout this blog I will examine from my perspective the poilitics of today’s climate, as well as the current economy.


America is a melting pot, each race, culture, and people group with a rich heritage.  All of us with a history we can be proud of.  History has put us where we are today and yet is so easy to forget.  The faster the world seems to turn the more we are willing to forget.  Think of the younger generation that we have right now.  They have zero concept that just 40 years ago we America had separate drinking fountains for different races,  I am glad that is not even a thought in the younger ones today but I feel it would be such a shame for that to be forgotten.  We must embrace our heritage and our collective history and understand how it affects us currently as well as our future.